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The Ugly Truth About Insurance Advertising

You can't turn on a TV, radio, or browse the internet
without seeing the ads everywhere...

Safe drivers save 45% or more with...
Switch to "us" and save $489 on your car insurance...
16 minutes can save you 16% or more...

With all of these savings being advertised,
insurance should practically be free!
However, a closer examination of these claims reveals
the truth about insurance....

The simple truth, when it comes to insurance, is no one company is a good fit for everyone.
The company saving your neighbor, relative, or co-worker might be costing you an arm and a leg or may not even be able to offer you the policy or coverages you need.

That's where Practical Insurance Solutions comes into play. We examine your particular situation and place your insurance with a company that is a good fit not only for your wallet, but for your individual needs. That's the advantage of working with Practical Insurance Solutions!

We know that shopping for insurance is time consuming and evaluating the differences between policies, coverages, and insurance companies can be confusing. Let us do the shopping, comparing, and pricing for you! Just relax, sit back and save!

Did You Know?

As a customer of Practical Insurance Solutions if at any time your insurance premium goes up, you can simply call us and we will re-examine your policy.  Again this service is at no charge to you!

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